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To Tame A Wolf

   JoAnn was born and raised in a charming, vibrant midwestern town where she still resides. An avid gardener and animal-lover, JoAnn developed her unique style of composition while researching wolves at her neighborhood watering hole.

    She loves to travel and many of her journeys have inspired the backdrop of her books. Her attention to detail comes from her passion of history with special focus on eras when women wore pants and men gallivanted around in skirts.

   JoAnn earned a degree in psychology which has served her well in coping with her pets and dead-beat husband.

About JoAnn

To Tame A Wolf
Summoned from her contemplative life in the abbey, Alexandra Ashford finds herself at the mercy of her malicious guardian, a cousin she fears and despises. He plans to force her to marry his crony and so forfeit her estate. Her only chance of escape is to trust the wounded man imprisoned by her cousin. Taken captive and chained to his torturer's floor, clan laird Ian McGregor is left for dead after a brutal beating. He has little hope of escape. But when his enemy's betrothed offers him freedom and asks for his help, he realizes revenge could be sweet indeed. Facing seemingly unbeatable odds to escape and reach the McGregor stronghold, their greatest challenge is fighting their growing attraction. How will Alexandra react when she realizes she’s the prisoner of the McGregor laird who considers her the “betrothed” of his enemy? And you thought you had a bad day.
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